Hello everyone. It has been ages but Daisy convinced me to make a come-back too.. so here is an ode to the wonders of Spain’s Basque region.

Firstly, lets talk tapas.. or as they are called here, pintxos. I want to start with an apology as due to the overwhelmingly finger-licking, food orgasmic inspiring propensities of basically, everywhere I visited, I did not photograph much. Plus, you tend to eat standing up, cradling your wine glass in the crook of your elbow!

My hit list for San Sebastian:

Bar Borda Berri: Try the asparagus if in season, the kebab which is misleadingly labeled for such a perfect pork spare rib, the entrecote and if someone with you is NOT gluten-free, have them order the risotto (made with orzo pasta) just to watch them drool. https://www.facebook.com/Borda-Berri-aki-se-guisa-148215661896984/

Gandarias: croquettas para celiacos.. need i say more? On their website, they have a list of gluten-free options available. http://www.restaurantegandarias.com/enGF croquettas

Ganbara: Anything grilled seafood. I had some truly spectacular langoustines. Be sure to specify you are a celiac so they only give you suitable stuff! Also the wine list here was really interesting. And it was fun sitting on steps across the street, people-watching. http://www.ganbarajatetxea.com/presentation

Fine dining

Now it would be a shame to visit this region without making a try for some of the michelin-starred, world’s best restaurants list-makers and generally all round super foodie destinations.


Lobster..with bee pollen..served on a tablet playing a video of waves crashing on the beach

Arzak Lobster

Asador Etxebarri

Smoked everything…below are the oysters..and the setting and scenery..rugged mountains, stone houses…plus the donkeys across the street. This was an experience in purity of flavour.  And be warned..while almost every dish arrived in tasting-sized portions, the meat course of a simple steak, was massive and melted on my tongue. So good.

AE Oysters


The town of Hondarrabia is a super scenic twenty minute drive from San Sebastian. To note, many young chefs here trained in the starred restaurants and returned here to open their own places. We tried to eat at Gran Solo but did not realise that a 24 hour notice was needed for gluten-free as it is a degustation menu. The chef was super nice and suggested some other places in town and we lucked out with a table on the very pretty terrace at Alameda. This was the amuse bouche – the corn soup on the left was pleasant but the chocolate covered foie on the right was so melt in your mouth, dessert mixed with savoury tasty good.



On my last evening, the restaurant Rekondo was a lovely counterpoint to the nine-course tasting menus. Food was simple, true to the ingredients and fresh. As a plus, it has one of the prettiest terraces and a wine list bigger than an encyclopaedia. None of my photos did it justice. And I also had one of the best prawn carpaccios ever! And  they share their recipes..


Kiss kiss


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