Hello Wonderful People of the World,

Two years ago, I posted on one of my favourite restaurants EVA EVA in Malaysia!!! Ladies and gents, please (continue to) give it up for: Real Foods in Mont Kiara!!! It scored a very high 18/20 in our review score!!! Check out that original restaurant review post here. This is just a quick update to let everyone know that the restaurant is still alive and kicking, and just as AMAZING as ever.

They have expanded their menu to include more vegan *and* gluten-free options, such as the absolutely GORGEOUS pumpkin pancake, drizzled with pumpkin seeds and pomegranates below. So delicious and so healthy!

As I get further and further into my vegan journey, I am loving each and every discovery!

The pumpkin pancake... beautifully delivered!
The pumpkin pancake… beautifully delivered!

I hope you enjoy it too, and pay them a visit! And remember, it’s about being mindful of your food and the earth, staying grounded (and not letting anxiety of eating out get to you!) and doing your best each day!



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