The Organic Lei Cha
The Organic Lei Cha

This place is a frequent favorite because it’s cheap and organic. Simple Life is one of the few health food stores in Malaysia. Their main thing is vegatarian, lightly cooked food with no junk in it (e.g. no MSG, no palm oil, etc.). So overall, they’re a very healthy and cheap option in middle of KL’s delicious but unhealthy other options.

I almost always get the organic Lei Cha – a traditional Chinese dish that is basically raw and vegan. The lightly fried tofu is soft, chewy, and delicious! The other ingredients are either raw or lightly marinated or boiled. The soup is a pureed and blended mix of green veggies and herbs, which you need to pour over your rice. You’ll feel light and healthy after the meal. Plus, it’s all organic.

A note of caution: the management and staff are not very educated or aware about allergy issues. I’ve asked them about gluten several times, and they confuse it with soy! So you’ll need to be cautious about what you order. Ask them about specific ingredients–don’t assume that they know.

For the Lei Cha, you’ll need to substitute the brown rice for white, which is sad, but the brown rice mix contains barley.

I’ve also ordered the laksa and the rolls before. Make sure they boil the rice noodles separately for the laksa (other options: replace with white rice or skip starch all together). The seaweed roll is fine; just avoid the mayonaise.

Their portions are large, so small eaters could consider sharing. Food is junk free and tastes like it–a fresh, natural taste! I go at least once every week to the one near my office.

Here is a link to their web site (see locations there).

  • Allergy friendly: ***
  • Taste: *****
  • Atmosphere: *** Casual and laid back. Pretty standard Asian restaurant.
  • Service: ***
  • Cost: $ – Mains range between RM10 – 20



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