Another super easy go-to dish for when you have no time: a mix between a quiche and a fritatata (was that one too many “ta’s”?)

Qui-Ta-Ta Recipe
A qui-ta-ta is so quick and easy!


  • Any “hardier” veggies you have on hand: zucchini, mushrooms, potatoes, tomatoes, carrots, beans
  • A good number of eggs (3-4 per person)
  • Salt, Pepper to taste

Cut up zucchini, mushrooms, potatoes (thinly, or can be boiled or stir-fried first), tomatoes, carrots, beans, whatever you have on hand, really. Layer into casserole dish or baking tray.

Beat a bunch of eggs (depends on how much of the qui-ta-ta you’d like). Rough rule of thumb: 4-5 eggs (go for “kampung eggs,” i.e. free range) for two people. Add salt and pepper to taste.

Throw onto casserole or baking dish. Layer top with potatoes if you like. Bake for 20 minutes or so at around 180C. Delicious for breakfast, lunch, dinner—anytime! For decor, you could stir fry any additional veggies (such as mushrooms) and place on top.



(P.S.: You can add gluten-free sausages or fish or meat in if you’d like as well.)

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