Okay, so as I plan my wedding in August, I have been *really* struggling to make the various food-related persons involved in pulling together a wedding aware of just how *critical* it is that my food (and the food of some gluten-free guests) be totally 100% gluten free *without* my needing to quiz them or remind them about GF requirements on that day.

GFers know just how difficult it can be at events where the food is out of their hands, such as weddings. It’s one thing to call ahead and make preparations at a restaurant; it’s quite another to relax and know that you’ll get the food you need at someone’s wedding or baby shower. In Malaysia, we’re not so into asking about dietary restrictions just yet.

To make life easier, I’ve found that this document outlines just about *everything* a chef or restaurant managers needs to know about preparing GF food. LOng and comprehensive, as it should be. If you’re investing in holding a large scale event with them, they should invest the time  to read the whole darn document.





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