Celiacs or persons with strong food allergies are more likely to be sensitive to other allergens all around them. There is much research done on this and I encourage you to read up if you have some time on your hands.

However, if you’re part of the choir on this one, then you might find the following tips on de-allergenizing your home helpful:

  • Get as much of your food as possible from local and organic sources. Sign up with plotshares like www.vegeboy.com
  • Get a produce wash, such as the one below. Melaleuca, Cosway (Ecomax range), and various brands on www.iherb.com carry a version
  • Use low-impact detergent, such as Seventh Generation, available at Cold Storage and other grocery stores. Alternatively,  Melaleuca and Cosway (Ecomax) also carry versions.
  • Use garbage enzyme or other natural cleaners (vinegar, lemon juice) instead of harsh chemical based ones. We find the garbage enzyme sold at Justlife or BMS Organics an indispensable part of our household supplies.
Biokleen Produce Wash
Produce Wash removes chemicals from your food


Hypoallergenic Home Cleaning Supplies
Hypoallergenic Home Cleaning Supplies – Seventh Generation laundry detergent, white vinegar, pure tea tree oil (from Body Shop), garbage enzyme (in plastic bottles on right and in spray bottles)














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