Just Heavenly's gluten-free bread is beautiful.
Just Heavenly’s gluten-free bread is simply beautiful.

Hi all,

In stark contrast to my last post about Ener-G’s brown bread, this week’s bread selection is lovely! Just Heavenly café in Bangsar Shopping Centre has a glorious loaf of gluten-free butter cake on sale.

The bread is rich and soft and yummy! No complaints whatsoever, except for the availability (it’s not always available – and it’s hard to figure out why!) and the price (a little steep at RM30 per small loaf). Still, since good gluten-free baking is hard to come by, it’s a worthwhile (occasional) treat.

They also have slices of gluten-free coffee chocolate walnut cakes on offer, but these need to be pre-ordered. Again, they are pricey but tasty, though frankly, I’d go for the butter cake.

Daisy’s had a hard couple of weeks, hence the indulgence posts! 🙂 She’ll be back to her eco-austere self soon, she thinks!





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