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La Mexicana $$$ 15/20

I love spicy, deep fried, cheesy food and Mexican tortillas and gorditas are some of my favourite things to eat, accompanied by a Cuba libre. The lovely manager and chef at La Mexicana at the Terrace at Hock Choon have made it possible for me to put on another kilo or two. They import their corn flour from Mexico and make their own corn tortillas. While they do have wheat flour tortillas and tacos etc on menu, they’re pretty savvy on the whole no gluten issue.

La Mexicana
241-B Lorong Nibong
off Jalan Ampang
50450 Kuala Lumpur
+603 42535251

  • Allergy friendly: *****
  • Taste: ****
  • Atmosphere: Casual and laid back. Nice outdoor area**
  • Service: ****
  • Cost: $$Mains range between $30 and $5020131028-081946.jpg

Living Food $$ 14/20

This place is one of a kind in Kuala Lumpur at the moment, but is probably at the helm of a new wave of allergy conscious restaurants. I am surprised it took me this long before finding it.

The only place in town that actually has specifically labelled gluten-free items on the menu. Food caters to a health conscious crowd who dig the dress down, New York health deli style set up. The concept is that they provide organic, raw food that will nourish your body (and city-weathered soul). Wait staff were not very well versed in the menu offerings, even though the menu itself was clear.

The food itself tastes healthy and, well, alive. My husband and I shared the beef stew. Grass fed beef tasted great–the gravy was herby but fresh–but the portion was rather skimpy. We thought the quinoa salad was great but the mayo dressing was a mismatch. The deliberate nuttiness of the salad was a nice touch.


My favorite was probably the “Living Enchilada,” a piling of lovely guacamole and other veggies on a frozen, sprouted corn-based tortilla. It was light but tasty, but a little spicy edge.


You’ll still have to remind the staff to be careful to prepare your meal in uncontaminated areas–they also prepare sandwiches using regular bread and the staff aren’t always too focused on preventing cross-contamination.

Living Food Bistro and Cafe, Menara Tan and Tan


  • Allergy friendly: ****
  • Taste: ****
  • Atmosphere: Earthy, dress down ***
  • Service: ***
  • Cost: $$ Dishes range from RM15 to RM30