My apologies for the hiatus! I can’t think of a concrete reason for the lapse, other than Life coming at me fast. So sorry!

Here’s a cheap and tasty gem I discovered recently: Shifon Japanese Rice Cake. Healthy and so amazingly cheap at RM7.00++ per generous portion! It’s got no preservatives, no coloring, it’s low in sugar, and has no trans fat. And it’s light, fluffy, and delicious! (Not to mention, completely gluten-free!)

In addition the staple “Chocolate” and “Vanilla” flavours, the cakes come in a variety of exotic combinations – Green Tea and Red Bean, Tofu and Brown Sugar, Seaweed and Pumpkin Seed, Pandan and Kaya, Durian, etc. I can attest that most of them taste great!

You can choose from a variety of very interesting flavour combinations!
You can choose from a variety of very interesting flavour combinations!

Check them out at the bridge between KL Sentral LRT station and NUSentral.

Here’s a link to Shifon’s Facebook Page.



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