I have a new secret hangout slash hideout, folks! I feel so happy and restful at this little gem of a place. Nevermind that the first time I went to it, I saw the famed Jimmy Choo there! I am in love with their quiet, hidden location, their excellently curated selection of health foods, and their Banana Pancake!

Real Food's Banana Pancake is so delicious!
Real Food’s Banana Pancake is so beauteous and delicious! Option to have vegan ice-cream. 

Their menu contains items that are identified as gluten-free. Other common food allergens also identified. They have a fantastic selection of local and Western dishes. Favourites of mine include: the rojak and the tom yum soup. Waitstaff are also knowledgeable about food allergies. And they have a small selection of delectable desserts in their showcase out front. They are not vegetarian, but are fairly responsible in their sourcing of meat and dairy products.

This Singaporean chain only has one restaurant in Malaysia at the moment, but plans to open more. The ambience is peaceful: tables are spread apart, and there is warm lighting, good WiFi and an adorable selection of books (many on animals!).

I’m hooked! I think you will be too.

Real Food

Website: http://realfoodgrocer.com/index.html

  • Allergy friendly: *****
  • Taste: *****
  • Atmosphere: Calm, peaceful, quiet ****
  • Service: ****
  • Cost: $$$ Dishes range from RM20 to RM50+ for entrees



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