I have to say that gluten-free living is, in many ways, far easier in the “West” than it is here in the East. My husband just returned from a trip to the United States, and I from a trip to Germany. I benefitted greatly from both, as I scored a bunch of really tasty gluten- and lactose-free foods, mostly of the sweet persuasion! πŸ™‚

Restaurants (and people in general) are just more aware of how to accommodate food allergies, and most grocery stores and sundry good stores are stocked with GF foods.

For example, in Germany, all DM and Real stores (ubiquitous!) have a solid offering of GF (ohne gluten or glutenfrei) and lactose-free (ohne laktose or laktosefrei) foods.

Some “highly recommended” foods:

United States

Liz Lovely Goods: Probably the best chocolate cookies I have *ever* had! They have a whole variety of gourmet goods, but here are the chocolate fudge cookies that my husband brought back and man, were they amazing! They are also vegan–better for the environment!


There are several brands that carry gluten- and lactose-free foods in Germany. These include Alnatura, Minus L, Schaer, etc. Here are some the foods I liked a whole lot:

Ritter Sport Hazelnut and Alpine Milk: Tastes almost exactly like the real thing

Frankonia Waffel Milch: Super good Hanuta imitation!

Soja Dessert: Tastes like real deal chocolate pudding.

I’ll be writing more posts about my trip to Germany (as well as a post on Singapore), so stay tuned!




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