March 2019 archive

Fittie Sense (Bangsar Baru, KL) $$ 19/20

Omg, Omg, OMG you guys! I was just back home in Malaysia for a work trip, and was introduced by some lovely friends to this TRULY AMAZING place in Bangsar Baru. Nestled in the already amazing Telawi streets is this gem of an eatery: Fittie Sense! They have everything I look for in a restaurant: […]

Cooking Invention Week: Crumble Bumbles! (7/7)

Gosh, what’s the point of cooking (or eating?!) if one never gets to dessert? Keine AhnungĀ (“no idea”) as they say in these German parts! Hello my beloved Gluten-Free peoples, Today’s recipe can be adapted to just about any fruit: perennial, tropical, whatevers! The secret is in the crumble. Everything tastes good with a little crunchy […]