Vegan Cheese Alternative!

OMG, you guys! I am literally addicted to this vegan, gluten-free cheese substitute that’s apparently super healthy as well!

Permit me to present….

Tastes like cheese flakes, but it's oooh so good for you!
Tastes like cheese flakes, but it’s oooh so good for you!

The Super Amazing Nutritional Yeast! You can sprinkle this stuff on anything or just eat it by itself! It’s completely gluten free and vegan.

Put it on bread, pasta, salads, pizza… anything you’d put cheese on!




The Amazing Uttapam

Hello Gees!

Tired of the run-of-the-mill Indian food you often resort to as a gluten-free person in Malaysia? Tired of the thosais and the thalis?

May I introduce you to…

...the H-AMAZING Uttapam!
…the H-AMAZING Uttapam!

It’s a rice pancake that’s kind of like thosai but not as tart. It’s also tastier, as it has spicy toppings. The one we had at Mr. Naan and Mrs. Idli in KL Sentral had coriander and chilli. Now if you’re a spice glutton like me, you’re gonna love it! It’s also serve with a variety of chutneys and sauces. Tasty!!! Try one out. Most Indian shops that serve thosai will serve it.


Daisy the Spice Glutton