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BMS Organic (Various Outlets), $$ 15/20

Dear Jee-Eff-Ers (GFers)! Over the last few years, there has been a growth of healthful-mindful-vegetarian/vegan chains in Malaysia. These include: Simple Life, BMS Organics, Just Life, etc. The great thing about multiple outlet stores is that they are… well, MULTIPLE! Even one in KLIA2!!! You can be assured of similar menu offerings, preparation process (important […]

Update: Vegan *and* Gluten-Free at Real Food!

Hello Wonderful People of the World, Two years ago, I posted on one of my favourite restaurants EVA EVA in Malaysia!!! Ladies and gents, please (continue to) give it up for: Real Foods in Mont Kiara!!! It scored a very high 18/20 in our review score!!! Check out that original restaurant review post here. This […]

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