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Just a Simple Salad…

Hello Courageous Gluten-Freedom Fighters! Since coming to Europe, I’ve come to appreciate traditional European foods like sauer kraut (picked cabbage), potatoes, and… well, the rest of it doesn’t really apply to vegans and gluten-free people. But let’s stick with the cabbage for now… Cabbage, especially fermented red cabbage, is really healthful! In German, it’s called rot kohl […]

Cooking Invention Week: Crumble Bumbles! (7/7)

Gosh, what’s the point of cooking (or eating?!) if one never gets to dessert? Keine Ahnung (“no idea”) as they say in these German parts! Hello my beloved Gluten-Free peoples, Today’s recipe can be adapted to just about any fruit: perennial, tropical, whatevers! The secret is in the crumble. Everything tastes good with a little crunchy […]

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