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Gluten-Free Indian Snacks!

Hello my people! Here’s a wonderful fact about Indian savoury snacks: they are mostly gluten-free! A lot of them are made from rice flour, chickpea flour or mung bean flour! Many Indian savoury snacks are variations of “muruku” – a crunchy, spicy, savoury cookie, if you like! Muruku is usually made in “strings,” which are […]

Bubbles goes to the Basque Country

Hello everyone. It has been ages but Daisy convinced me to make a come-back too.. so here is an ode to the wonders of Spain’s Basque region. Firstly, lets talk tapas.. or as they are called here, pintxos. I want to start with an apology as due to the overwhelmingly finger-licking, food orgasmic inspiring propensities […]

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