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Wrap it up!

Hello Wonderful Gluten-Fearing People! Today I thought I would share an all-time favourite and fun-to-make recipe of mine: spring rolls! It’s spring here in Switzerland, and rice paper spring rolls are just always a joy to make. Important: Rice paper is a stiff, thin “paper” you can buy in almost any Asian store. You’ll want […]

Cooking Invention Week: The Amazing Tiger Nut! (4/7)

Hello My People! Today I’d like to share with you an amazing new discovery I made: the superfood Tigernut! Tigernut or Earth Almond (English) or Chufa (Spanish) or Erdmandel (German) is very high in fiber, good fats, and magnesium, and therefore very healthy! More importantly, it’s got a slightly sweet taste, kind of like the […]

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