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Gluten-Free Indian Snacks!

Hello my people! Here’s a wonderful fact about Indian savoury snacks: they are mostly gluten-free! A lot of them are made from rice flour, chickpea flour or mung bean flour! Many Indian savoury snacks are variations of “muruku” – a crunchy, spicy, savoury cookie, if you like! Muruku is usually made in “strings,” which are […]

Vegan Cheese Alternative!

OMG, you guys! I am literally addicted to this vegan, gluten-free cheese substitute that’s apparently super healthy as well! Permit me to present…. The Super Amazing Nutritional Yeast! You can sprinkle this stuff on anything or just eat it by itself! It’s completely gluten free and vegan. Put it on bread, pasta, salads, pizza… anything […]

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